Adeline Margaret Fields on her Birth Day

Adeline joined the Fields family on January 6, 2017. Gramma Jan and I travelled to Atlanta's Piedmont Hospital through SnowJam 2017 traffic to meet Adeline and visit with Julie, Dan, and Izzy.

Congratulations Julie, Dan and Izabella!!

Adeline's middle name, Margaret, is from Dan's mother Marge. Gramma Jan and I are very pleased that Julie and Dan honored Marge by using her name for Adeline. Marge has been a loving second mother to Izzy while Julie works, and has had a major positive impact on Izzy's growth and development. Congratulations Marge, and thank you!

I don't think I mentioned it when Izabella was born, but Izzy's middle name, Joan, was Gramma Jan's maiden middle name.